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The Roots

~ My Culinary Journey


Annamarie Stedjan

Personal Event Caterer

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Some of my best memories as a child were when family gathered together for Sunday dinner.  As an American-Italian, that meant a big long table with a line of chairs down each side and sometimes two chairs at each head just in case someone extra decided to drop by.  It meant a center of the table filled with bowls of meatballs, sausage (both hot and sweet), braciola and tender pieces of pork.  Not to mention a bowl of pasta with marinara sauce as well as another bowl of pasta tossed with fresh ricotta cheese and a huge bowl of salad tossed in extra virgin olive oil and a splash of white wine vinegar. 

Then there were the big holiday feasts like Easter with a crown roast of pork or leg of lamb, at least two different vegetables, soup, a heaping mound of whipped mashed potatoes and probably so many other dishes I can’t even recall.  Christmas Eve was a special time as well.  The feast of the seven fish has been a part of my family tradition for as long as I can remember.  Two of my mothers classic dishes were stuffed flounder and baked bay scallops, both equally delicious.  And while time has changed many things, traditions still stand.  The laughter, the storytelling, the catching up, the joking around….those are things that echo in my head and fill my heart.

Gathering together….be it a small dinner with family, a brunch with close friends or a big surprise party for someone special…that is my happy place, and I am looking forward to bringing a piece of that happiness into your home.

I have spent the last five years blogging about recipes, party planning and entertainment tips and I am so proud to now be able to not only continue to blog and bring fresh new recipes, but to also expand my offerings to my in-home catering services for any occasion. 

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