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Ain't Nuttin' But A Buffet Baby

There is something about sunshine these days that calls people to emerge from their dwellings. Especially after the year we have all endured. The sunshine, light breezes and little green blossoms of hyacinth popping up to say hello to Spring give us this renewed feeling, that we can maybe see friends we haven't seen since the cold set in months ago. I am ready to get my patio back up so that I can have apps and drinks with my friends. Warmer (and better) days are ahead.

I am really looking forward to Easter this year. I am so glad to know that everyone in my family has had the opportunity to be vaccinated whether due to their age, underlying health conditions or their occupations. I am just so thrilled that they are all protected and that we can see one another again. I've decorated and hung my Easter Bunny on my front door like I do each year. That poor thing has gotten a little beat up by the sun but he is still the cutest.

I have been busy prepping my kids Easter Baskets and bunny trails, and praying that we see some sunshine on Easter Sunday so that all the cousins can enjoy their Egg Hunt that they missed out on last year. I'm so excited, and I am not even the one hunting!

Of course up there on the priority list would be the Easter Feast. I have defaulted to a buffet style over the last few years because not only are we a large group and sit down in my humble-sized dining room is a challenge for multiple reasons, but a buffet allows me to prepare much in advance and have everything set up so that I can eat with my guests. Especially this year, it will be nice to give everyone the opportunity to sit somewhere that they feel comfortable, sitting as close to or as far away from the next person as needed. I kind of feel like we have gone through a culture shock this past year and it may take a little getting used to getting back to "normal" ...whatever that may be going forward.

So buffets are fun because you can use this type of entertaining for a brunch, a luncheon or even a dinner. All you need to do is adjust the menu to the time of day you are serving. I thought I would pull some menu ideas together to make your entertaining this year a little less stressful, because honestly, do we really need any more stress in our lives? I think not!

I've included some of my favorite recipes, along with a couple others you might want to check out. Some quick curated menu ideas just for you!

Below you will find three different menus. One for a brunch style buffet, one for a luncheon and lastly, one for a dinner buffet.


(mini) Lemony Avocado Toasts (use this recipe and put on small whole wheat or pumpernickel toasts)

Honey Baked Spiral Ham (My favorite brand is Carando's)


Strawberry and Mango Smoothie Shooters (use this recipe in small plastic shooter glasses -- super fun!)


Slow Roasted Beef Tenderloin (this is Ina Garten's and is absolutely DELICIOUS)

I hope these give you a little inspiration as you head to the kitchen to cook up your Easter Feast this year. May you and your families continue to be well and enjoy each others company that is so well over due!



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