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The Nutcracker and The Christmas Cookie

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

This passed weekend was hectic but heart-warming. My daughter took to the stage in her first Nutcracker performance!  On top of being super proud of her, The Nutcracker has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl.  It brings back so many memories of the Christmas season for me,  like my cousin and I sitting in the basement of her house watching the VHS tape (yes I’m that old..haha!) every year.  The music transcends time and it is one of the quintessential holiday tunes I love to listen to while wrapping gifts and/or drinking a glass of eggnog (not that I do both at the same time, and if I did, you wouldn’t care.. right?)….that and the Charlie Brown Christmas Album!  Who doesn’t love Charlie!?!

I am proud to say that the Christmas Cards are mailed, and the gift wrapping is 90% done.  I always whined up forgetting someone…you’d think after so many years of doing this gift-giving thing you’d get it right…nope! Not this chick.  I know I’m not alone…so that kind of makes me feel better.

So, now on to the next thing to check off my list… finding a recipe for our annual “baking Santa cookies with the kids”.  I try to find different ones every year.  We’ve done Ina’s thumbprint cookies (less the coconut flakes), the ever popular peanut butter blossoms, chocolate peppermint cookies and last years Pinterest winner, The Bakegirl’s peanut butter reindeer cookies (yum!).  There was a lot of steps and ingredients to this cookie but the kids had so much fun making them.  We even had carolers come to the house that night while we were baking them, so we got to give some fresh, warm, right-out-of-the oven cookies to this fantastic group of young girls.  It was such a special night for the kids (and me too!).  Im a sucker for anything Christmas.

Can’t wait to post what the winning cookie is this year (I secretly hope we have carolers again)…it made the whole night extra awesome! I want to take this time to wish you and your family a magical and merry season…whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope that you find peace and joy with the ones that you love!

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