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Welcome to the 20's; A decade of focus and success

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

2020! A new year, a new decade. It's kind of hard to even grasp that we are entering the 20's. It sounds so funny to me. I remember as a kid thinking about the year 2020. How it seemed light years away and some how, some way, it is upon us.

This time of year, resolutions are abound. I will get in shape. I will only drink on the weekends (yeah right!). I won't have desserts unless its a special occasion. The lists can go on and on. I will say I used to be one to make resolutions every year...but by the time March came, the resolution found a way to morph into a "version" of itself.

These days I am not so much a person that makes resolutions as much as I am a person to reflect, forgive and move forward. I think about the past year, my triumphs, my failures, and all the little pieces that made up those 365 days. I try to hold on to the those triumphs and build on them, I try to be kind to myself and forgive my failures and a treasure the little moments. Anyone who knows me knows this past was not an easy one. There were times I felt strong and felt like things were on the right track and there were many moments where I felt broken. This was probably one of my more trying years (and I have had quite a few in this past decade). I will be the first one to tell you that I welcome the 20's (as funny as that sounds to me) with open arms. I am hopeful that this decade will be one of success, not just for me but for my husband and his business, my daughter as she will be entering the college process by the middle of the decade (WOW...that's insane) and my son who will be in High School by that time (equally as insane). I am looking forward to the challenges and I am hopeful that we will hurdle each one together.

Resolutions and reflections aside, I would like to take this time and fill this space with an update and a forward look at what has been going on behind the scenes here. I have been working hard to build something that brings together my passion for being in the kitchen and celebrating life with those that matter. I will continue to blog here and share some new simple and delicious recipes for you to try with your family, but I am also working on other things as well. In the coming months, I will be opening an online shop that is home based and culinary centric, featuring artisanal spice blends and mixes, personalized wine glasses and other specialty items for the home.

The other offering that I am really excited to share with you is my personal in-home catering services. If you are wondering exactly what in-home catering service is, it is truly an experience for you and your guests. It is creating a gathering where you are a part of it. Entertaining in the home is welcoming and inviting in a non-rushed atmosphere, but many people dread the idea of having a party or gathering because entertaining is work, and it takes the enjoyment out of the purpose for your get together. That is why I created Caper and Olive's in-home catering services. We will meet and discuss the nature of your get together, the number of guests, the space, the menu and even how much involvement from Caper and Olive you are looking for. We offer platters of food in a buffet style for a casual and fun get together all the way to an elegant sit down dinner with personal chef services, and many options in between. Having a book club and want some fun, bit sized hors d' oeuvres...we can do that. A special occasion brunch...definitely, an intimate dinner for two....perfect! You name, you got it. Although this is by far my biggest undertaking of all my ventures, I am really excited that this is all underway!

In the meantime, stop by The Recipe Box for some dinner inspiration, breakfast treats or super simple lunches ideas. You can also catch my Wellness Wednesday posts on Empire Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation's Facebook Page for quick, simple and healthy recipes for the new year.

Looking forward to a year filled with lots of good food and great company. Cheers to 2020!

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